Book configuration is done with the Book object that has been created with newBookFromToc.

The Book object has the following fields which are relevant for the documentation:

  • book_title (string): Title of the book as specified in newBookFromToc
  • language (string): The main language of the book, which is used as a language attribute <html lang="en"> for example (defaults to en)
  • description (string): A description for the book, which is added as meta information in the html of each page
  • path_to_root (string): This is a path containing exclusively ../'s that points to the root of the book from the current file. Since the original directory structure is maintained, it is useful to prepend relative links with this path_to_root.
  • default_theme (string): The theme color scheme to select by default in the 'Change Theme' dropdown. Defaults to light.
  • preferred_dark_theme (string): The default dark theme. This theme will be used if the browser requests the dark version of the site via the 'prefers-color-scheme' CSS media query. Defaults to navy.
  • git_repository_url (string): A url to the git repository for the book. If provided an icon link will be output in the menu bar of the book.
  • git_repository_icon (string): The FontAwesome icon class to use for the git repository link. Defaults to fa-github.
  • favicon_escaped (string): (new in nimibook) provide your fully custom <link rel="icon" href="...">. defaults to whale emoji as in nimib.
  • plausible_analytics_url (string): (new in nimibook) if non empty it will include plausible analytics script in every page.